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Healing Breath & Trauma Release Workshop

First Healing Breath workshop at Serenity on Wednesday, the 20th Sep 2017, at 1PM - 5PM. Facilitator: Via Wijaya


About Healing Breath

When faced with overwhelming emotions, trauma and extreme stress people may restrict their breathing in order to prevent the flow of feelings. This is a normal survival response. The problem occurs when their breathing pattern remains stuck this way and the emotional energy created by the trauma is not allowed be expressed fully. The charge then remains in the body and causes chronic tension. This can cause problems for our health and happiness in daily life. Holding this tension in place uses a lot of energy. When we release this tension we find more energy available to us for living life to the full. We also find a greater capacity and ability to stay present to whatever occurs in our life.


What we learn during workshop:

- Introduction about breathing

- Introduction about trauma and the relation with mental reality

- Breathing Technique on Healing Breath Trauma Release approach

- Additional activities Art drawing insight integration

- Sharing and Insights


If available, participants should bring their own eye mask and sarong.

More question, please Contact us info@serenityecoguesthouse.com

Book Now before late, maximum 10 people.

 only RP 375.000 IDR